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About Sophie


Hello! This is me taking a typical wedding selfie…

Ok so this is a bit of a lame selfie…no selfie stick, no grainy iPhone shot, but it’s become something I do in the loo at weddings when you’re all off eating your wedding breakfast :) I’m wearing a rabbit print dress that my Mum made for me. She actually makes all my ‘wedding clothes’ – how ace is that?

I like to get to know my couples pretty well, when we meet I always enjoying finding out what you’re about, what makes you tick, whether you love animals, whether you love football/rugby or <insert sport here>, have you travelled the world or are you studying for your PhD etc?…I’m very lucky that I work mostly with people I really gel with. And that’s pretty damn awesome.

Boring background stuff: I graduated from Kingston University back in 2006 in Fine Art, where I spent many a day (and night) in the darkroom honing my skills using Medium format film. I adore film, it’s pretty amazing, but also jolly expensive to work with. So I switched to digital in 2009 and have been shooting everything in sight ever since.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured on many fantastic wedding blogs, do have a nosey at my press page for inspiration if you’ve just begun planning and don’t know where to start!  I have also been shortlisted for Best Wedding Photographer in London and South East for three years in a row, including Best Newcomer in The Wedding Industry Awards 2013.  Alongside my photography business I’m a proud Ambassador for SNAP Photography Festival and the London representative for QT Albums.


A few things about me:

I love rabbits (A LOT)

I would go as far to say I’m obsessed with them (and most animals). I have two house rabbits called Toby and Flora who keep me company in my office at home during the day. I’m considering setting up one of those crazy rabbit lady blogs as I feel so passionately about their welfare as it kind of kills me when they’re not being looked after properly.

I have a thing for old people

Ok everyone always looks at me weirdly when I say that, but honestly? I feel something in my heart when I see most old folk walking down the road with shopping bags, I immediately want to go up and help them and see that they’re alright. They are so cute and so important and always so forgotten. I am a pretty caring person in that respect, sadly all my grandparents are gone, so I get a little possessive over ones at weddings.  Be warned, if you’re lucky enough to have the oldies attend your day, you WILL end up with LOADS of shots of them :)

Tea is my best friend in the world

Oh blimey I loooove tea. I have fifty-six different types of tea at home. Drop in sometime for a cuppa! teapigs Darjeeling and Earl Grey is like heaven to me. I also LOVE the smell of coffee. But I couldn’t drink the stuff, yuck.

I love films and music

Who doesn’t?! Anything with Ewan McGregor in, I’m also a classic Disney fan, my friends even bought me Disney Princess balloon for my 30th. I also love box sets, and Everybody Loves Raymond (no judgement, it’s possibly the greatest programme ever) is currently my editing background series. I’m also pretty certain I could win Mastermind with Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and Ab Fab as my specialist subjects. Just don’t start me going or I’ll be quoting for hours… Music wise, it’s probably the most eclectic ever…Willie Nelson, Buddy Holly, Robert Johnson, R.L Burnside (anything Bluesy, essentially), The National, Explosions in the Sky, Old school Trance, Ludacris, also partial to some Bollywood, my favourite being Kabhi Kabhie (I’ve probably lost you now) but I also spend a lot of time listening to Max Bygraves and General Lafayette since they bring my Grandparents back to me. I told you I was a soppy, sentimental type!

I love a good dance off

Us wedding photographers don’t get out much so when we do we all go a bit nuts, best form of exercise in my book! I also have a penchant for 90’s rap and Hip Hop. Yep, I regularly sing the words to House of Pain, Jump Around and the 8 Mile battles when doing the cooking at home.

I am a big cry-baby

I cry almost every time my brides walk down the aisle and I have been known to sing along to hymns during the ceremony too. I don’t need the words in the Order of Service to Jerusalem…put it that way :)

I spend money like there’s no tomorrow

Please tell me I’m not alone in this? I put it down to my ‘live for today’ type attitude, which sort of means ‘you’re a long time dead’ and ‘you can’t take it with you’ has excused my terrible spending habits. Thankfully my other half is more sensible so I’d probably be living inside a tiny Miu Miu handbag eating carrot sticks for the rest of my life if it wasn’t for him!

I collect stuff

I actually didn’t really acknowledge this until my Moomin mug collection reached 29 (yes, the Moomins are awesome, I know).  I was bought an amazing mug once from one of my couples, with ‘Kairos Capturer’ written on it, (it basically means, someone who captures fleeting moments) and I never really appreciated that that is exactly what I do. I am ALL about the moments. I want you to remember how you felt on your wedding day, not just what it looked like. For me, having people tell me they cry over the weddings in my blog, when they don’t even know the couple, is the biggest compliment ever. It means I’ve managed to make you feel something, and that’s something I strive to do with immense passion and excitement at every wedding I shoot. It’s an AMAZING job, to be lucky enough to do this, and I feel extremely chuffed that so many people choose me.

If it sounds like we may get along, why not go check out my blog and get a feel for the way I work. I’d love to hear all about YOUR wedding plans! Already know we could make a dream team? Email me directly with some info about yourselves and what you’re planning and I’ll pop over all my info to you :) xx